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monty3777 01-30-2009 02:18 PM

Stout in primary since late November
I didn't want to jack the 4 months in a primary thread so I started this one. Does it make a difference what kind of beer you are brewing when it comes to extended times in the primary? I have a stout that I brewed in late November that I plan to bottle today. I'm sure it will be fine - but are there some beers that cannot tolerate such a long stay in the primary?

Revvy 01-30-2009 02:28 PM

The only ones that long primaries aren't necessary are for those beers that are low in abv, or are meant to be drunk young and or cloudy, like heffes...

The rest of them, including your stout, I believe benefit from a long primary.

Since I don't brew heffes, I leave all my ALES in primary for a month, unless I'm adding hops, fruit or oak, then I rack at about 2 weeks into a secondary...

Orfy 01-30-2009 02:30 PM

It should be fine. There are myths out there about the risks of leaving in primary for more than a few weeks but you'll find that the majority of "I left it in primary x months" threads say that the beer turned out at least fine if not the best beer they have made.
I'd say that stronger flavoured beers do best with an extended time in primary. You're stout will probably be better for it.

jmulligan 01-30-2009 02:37 PM

I made a cream stout and left it in primary for about 10 weeks and it tasted better at that time than it did 6 months in the first time I made it. So, you're probably golden.

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