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Toy4Rick 04-27-2012 02:49 AM

To stir or not to stir
The Mash that is

I have read many times where once you start the mash using a cooler, you leave it alone for 60+ minutes. A recent Beer Smith newsletter said to stir the mash every 15 minutes to even out the temp... makes sense however wouldn't temp loss be a bigger concern?

What are you doing?


Stauffbier 04-27-2012 02:54 AM

I stir until I hit my desired mash temp and then I leave it alone for 60-90 mins...

onthekeg 04-27-2012 03:00 AM

I stir for a few minutes and seal it up. In 5 minutes I take my temp readings all over the place. If they aren't uniform I stir the crap out of it again and check. I leave it alone when I am within a degree everywhere.

I usually mash in a few degrees higher than where I want to end up. It's just easier that way.

Durso81 04-27-2012 03:32 AM

Now I have only done 2 all grain recipes but so far I stir till I reach my temp, then I leave it alone for 60 min.

tgmartin000 04-27-2012 05:34 AM

After the dough in I stir halfway through

MaltMaestro 04-27-2012 08:03 AM

As far as evening out the temperature, your mash will equilibrate temperature wise without stirring. Stirring will speed up the process at first but once you grain is saturated with water, the temperature will be pretty uniform throughout. I would agree with your thinking of temperature loss when opening the cooler as a much more crucial factor. Stirring might help the starch conversion speed but probably not a substantial amount. So I would say don't stir once your grain is saturated with water and your target temperature is reached.

discooby 04-27-2012 09:55 AM

I think it also depends on your mash thickness. In a thinner mash (2+qt/lb) I might want to stir more often to help the enzymes find their gold. I like to stir 20 min after mash in; loss of temp doesn’t seem to be noticeable as long as I preheat my mash tun (vessel) and ambient air temp outside is Vegas. This stir also ensures water/grain equilibrium.

periwinkle1239 04-28-2012 03:04 AM

I like to stir 3 or 4 times during the mash. I open the lid just a crack, and stir quickly for about 5-10 seconds then close. The temperature basically doesn't change and I'm a believer that it helps you get another percentage or three of efficiency. When I first started mashing I didn't stir, but I've noticed my efficiencies are just slightly better when I do.

DobrePivo 04-28-2012 03:50 AM

Most of my lagers are double and triple decoction mash. I have no choice but to stir. :)

ChillWill 04-28-2012 09:36 AM

Stir regularly. It'll help extraction. If you're grain absorbs plenty of water the top of the mash can dry out and you won't get conversion.

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