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wjjohnson 06-25-2009 08:26 PM

Smashed Oak Recipe....???
Well I am doing my first SMASH recipe,

10lb 2-row
2lb toasted 2-row
Amarillo hops
1oz 60
1oz 30
1oz 15
1oz flameout
2oz dryhop

Notty yeast

Its more of a SMASH IPA but I just got some light toast oak chips that I wanted to use also. This is my first SMASH and Oaked brew. Any one ever tried something like this or have any comments or advise? Thanks!

TelemarkBrew 06-25-2009 09:02 PM

are you going to do a series of these to see the difference a hop or malt makes? if so i'd think you want to keep it as simple as possible and not toast that 2 row and not oak it.
now if you are just making a smash recipe to keep the ingredient list simple i have no issues with you recipe.

wjjohnson 06-25-2009 10:00 PM

Yeah, I started off wanting to do other Smash recipes. I have a Munich Smash with all Muich malt and hallertau. I also wanted to do a Bock smash with all liberty hops (dont know how I am going to due that). So I guess just wanted to make a brew with the oak because I have never oaked a brew. I have some heavy toasted oak chips for a burbon barrel stout that am going to brew, I wanted to start off light with the light toast oak chips and the smash idea just cam to mind. I love amerill hop so I know what they are like in a brew. It just sounded like a good idea, I think I will still do it. I am not a but style follower, so anyways, thanks for the advice! :mug:

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