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Bobby_M 04-02-2007 07:59 PM

S-23 Starter for 10 gallon batch?
I'm brewing a Pilsner 10 gallon batch this coming saturday and I only have one packet of Saflager S-23 dry yeast. I'm thinking that making a starter would be a good idea and get me up to a cell count that can deal with 10 gallons. True or false?

That said, I have no extract. I'm looking to do a mini mash with a pound of two-row as the starter. Is this enough? If I'm brewing Saturday, should I make the starter on Thursday?

boo boo 04-02-2007 10:42 PM

A nice 5 gallon starter should be fine if you are using the whole pack.

Dry yeast don't normally need a starter due to the large amount of cells
in a pack. Using a full pack in a small starter would deplete the built in
Even a 11.5 gram pack isn't enough to pitch if you pitch into cold wort.
At least not ideally. I don't think I'd brew a 10 gallon brew without
enough yeast to do the job with.

I usually make my starter a week in advance, so I have enough built up and let flocc out so I can decant the spent beer on top.

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