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trginter 02-19-2012 08:54 PM

Roggenbier - Help with Ingredients
I would like to brew a hefeweizen using rye, hence the roggenbier, correct? This is what I've laid out in Brewtarget for a 5 gallon all-grain batch.

4.5lb. 2-row malt
4.5lb wheat malt (white)
3lb. Rye Malt
1lb. Rice Hulls

.5oz. Amarillo @ 60
.5oz. Amarillo @ 10
.5oz. Amarillo @ 1

WLP300 Yeast

barrooze 02-20-2012 05:46 AM

I'd sub in pilsner malt for the 2-row, and the Amarillo hops would be far from style. Are your intentions to make more of an American-style Roggenbier than German? I'm not saying don't go forward with your current recipe, but it looks very Americanized. I'd use a noble hop for all additions, and also add some Munich malt, maybe 20%.

trginter 02-20-2012 05:57 AM

Ideally I would like a more "Americanized" version. And I just really enjoy using Amarillo, and I happen to have a few bags on hand.

I'll look into Munich malt. This is my first non-IPA beer.

barrooze 02-20-2012 06:04 AM

Sounds good. For some help on character malts, you could listen to The Jamil Show episode that covers this style. It'll be very helpful to learn how best to brew it. By all means, go for an Americanized version, but listen to the episode to see if there's something extra you want to add to your bill.

trginter 02-21-2012 03:23 AM

Listening now. Love the BN, thank you!

trginter 02-23-2012 06:13 PM

That BN episode was very informative. Almost hard to get through, but informative none-the-less. I sat down and thought about what I wanted to get out of this beer and did some more research into the style and pounded out an updated, more refined, recipe. It's pretty basic, as far as ingredients go. Nothing too extraordinary or revolutionary. Just looking to make a tasty refreshing beer and I think I'll achieve this.

All-Grain 60 Minute Boil

46% Briess Rye Malt - 6lb.
23% Briess Munich Malt 10L - 3lb.
23% Weyermann Pilsner Malt - 3lb.
8% Rice Hulls - 1lb.

1oz. Tettnang @ 60 min.
.25oz. Sazz @ 10 min.


barrooze 02-23-2012 09:15 PM

That looks real good! I was thinking about what you initially were going for, and I think the phrasing of "roggenbier" threw me off, but there's a BJCP style for American Rye ale. I think your first recipe would fit into that just fine! If you have time, I'd brew both recipes to see how different a German styled rye is compared to an American Rye. :mug:

Jueckstock 02-24-2012 08:08 AM

I do a lot of all grain brews with rye as a large portion of the grain bill (40-50%) and, after much trial and error, I highly recommend that you include a 30 min Beta glucan rest (90 deg. F) when you dough-in. I would also suggest that you don't need to worry about adding rice hulls if you just substitute some 6 Row instead of using 2 Row.

You will love the ruby color, spiciness, and dry finish that rye imparts, and without any stuck sparges along the way. Happy mashing.

trginter 02-24-2012 11:44 PM

When you say a "30 minute Beta glucan rest" do you mean @ 30 Minutes? Also what do you mean by "dough-in"? Sorry, I'm fairly new to brewing and don't know most of these terms.

Jueckstock 02-25-2012 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by trginter
When you say a "30 minute Beta glucan rest" do you mean @ 30 Minutes? Also what do you mean by "dough-in"? Sorry, I'm fairly new to brewing and don't know most of these terms.

So, "dough-in" is just a phrase for combining your grains and water at the beginning of the mash. You will want your mash water to be a bit higher than your target temp. (i.e. 98F to achieve a rest temp of 90F) and you will just let the grains steep for 30 min. before you jump the temp for an acid, protein, and/or conversion rests.

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