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mxwrench 12-28-2010 02:32 AM

Protein rest just with Wheat, then add the rest??
I use a partial mash method that I learned on here (boil pot on burner) for the last few batches I have made but have a question about my next Wheat beer. Is it possible to do a protein rest mash with just the Wheat and appropriate amount of water? Once that is done, add the rest of my grains and water and do my main Sacc. mash? The reason I ask is that i would rather use water infusion instead of using the burner to raise the temp (as you would normally do if you had all the grain and water in at the beginning).. Thanks in advance

Nateo 12-28-2010 04:32 AM

If it's malted wheat, then yes, I suppose you could do a protein rest with just wheat. If it's unmalted wheat, like flaked or torrefied wheat, then there are no enzymes to break proteins down.

I never use direct heat on my all-grain batches, and I always use multi-temp rests. To use just water infusions, without getting too much water in there, use boiling water. Start with cold water to hydrate the grains, like 1/4qt / lbs should be enough to get the grains wet. Then add boiling water until you hit your target temp. With wheat I like to do 2 rests, one at 103* for 10-15min to break down beta-glucans, one at 131* for 10-15min.

You should really do a protein rest for the whole grist. I use protein rests with every recipe, every time, even with well-modified grains. A short protein rest at 131* for like 10-15min, will break down the remaining big proteins into smaller, water-soluble proteins called albumins. Albumins are what give beer its body, and will help with head stability.

The short protein rest will also help with chill haze. I used to always get chill haze before I used protein rests, now I very seldom do, and only with wheat beers.

mxwrench 12-28-2010 06:32 AM

hey thanks for the info, i know what ill be doing now..

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