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harpo 02-10-2010 03:32 PM

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Originally Posted by Netflyer View Post
Dude, you attenuated that far, what was your OG? I would be happy w/1.017 on this one... haven't taken a gravity but I can't imagine I'll get that kind of attenuation...
The OG when I went to flame out was about 1.092, right where I wanted to be.

I pitched slurry from my most recent pale ale recipe. I probably had about 500mL of good concentrated yeast in the slurry. I also add pure oxygen with a home-made inline stone. My fermentation room (basement) usually hovers between 64°F and 66°F . My lag time is measured in hours, like less than 12. This is going to be one potent beer!!

Here is a pic of my stone. I use pure oxygen. I have nailed this down pretty well over the course of about 10 brews.

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