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RighteousFire 12-02-2009 05:42 AM

Planning a detailed "How-To Brew" video, input wanted....
I will be making a series of videos shortly, discussing as many things about all grain brewing as I can come up with. The planning part is in the works now, and I should begin filming everything within the next couple weeks, and should hopefully have everything edited and ready to go by mid January or sooner. I will be doing it in 2 main parts, a flip chart presentation on the many aspects of brewing, what and why I do what I do, and what all the options are, as well as doing an actual brew.

I want to be more specific than a lot of people are on YouTube and various places as I feel like some information is presented too briefly, not at all, or just wrongly.

I would appreciate any input and thoughts about my plans.

Here is a rough mock up of my current projected outline

I) Introduction
---A) Who I am and what I am about
------1) Info/Background
------2) Passion for beer
---B) In this video we will be discussing how to make a beer using
the all grain method. We will discuss the equipment, ingredients, the
process, and the final results. I apologize if some of this seems
technical or confusing. I will be trying to explain everything in the
simplest and most friendly way possible. My objective is to show the
different methods of the steps involved all grain brewing as well as
show how I do things. This should give you the info required to step
up your beer making game to the next level, or if you already brew all
grain just maybe give you some insight into something you might not
have thought about before.

II) Equipment
--- A) Mash Tun
------1) Round/Square Cooler
------2) Rectangular Cooler
------3) Kettle or Boiling Pot
---B) Lauter Tun
------1) Stainless Steel Braid
------2) Manifold
------3) False Bottom
------4) Brew In A Bag (BIAB)
------5) Zapap Lauter Tun (Bucket With Holes)
---C) Brewing/Boiling Kettle
------1) Stainless Steel
------------a) Stock Pot
------------b) Keggle
------2) Enamel
------3) Aluminum
------4) Copper
---D) Heat Source
------1) Propane Burner
------2) Electric Stove
------3) Water Heater Element
---E) Fermenters
------1) Bucket
------------a) with spigot
------------b) without spigot
------2) Glass Carboy
------3) Better Bottle
------4) Conical
------------a) Steel
------------b) Plastic
---F) Miscellaneous
------1) Cleaner
------2) Sanitizer
------3) Measuring
------4) Racking
------5) Stirring
------6) Thermometer
------7) Hydrometer
------8) Scale
------9) Bottles or Kegs
------10) Documenting
G) Mill
------1) Corona
------2) Roller Type
------3) Conditioning Malt
III) Ingredients
---A) Grains
---B) Hops
---C) Yeast
---D) Water
---E) Miscellaneous
------1) Fining
------2) Brewing Salts
------3) Chemical Additives
------4) Boil Additives
------5) Non-Fermentables
IV) Process
---A) Creating Recipe
---B) Milling
---C) Mashing
------1) Single Infusion
------2) Temperature Step Infusion
------3) Decoction
------4) Process of Conversion
------5) Temperatures
------6) Enzymes
------7) Testing with Iodine
---D) Lautering/Sparging
------1) Batch Sparging
------2) Fly/Continuous
------3) No-Sparge
---E) Boiling
------1) Hot Break
------2) Boilovers
------3) Vigor
---F) Whirlpooling
---G) Chilling
------1) Immersion Chiller
------2) Counter Flow
------3) Ice Bath
------4) No Chill
---H) Yeast Pitching
------1) Oxygen
------2) Pitch Count
------3) Starter
---I) Fermentation
------1) Temperature
------2) Attenuation
------3) Primary
------4) Secondary
------5) Lagering
---J) Bottling or Kegging
---K) Conditioning
---L) Determining Efficiency
V) Final Result

BEER!!!! Drink it and be merry!!!!!
Hopefully if you have paid special attention to the process and
to cleanliness and sanitation then you should have created a fantastic

This concludes my attempt at hopefully presenting you with all
the major options while giving you insight into my own brewing process
so you can go create your own phenomenal home brewed beer. Remember,
this is the stuff that works for me. Feel free to adopt or omit
anything I do to help you progress as a brewer. Whatever you do in
your brewing journeys though, always remember to:

Don't Worry.
Have a Home Brew.

After all, it is supposed to be fun to create beer that you can call
your own.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
-Benjamin Franklin

weirdboy 12-02-2009 05:46 AM

If you're getting into that much detail on equipment and so forth, you might want to talk about grants and recirculating systems as well.

RighteousFire 12-02-2009 05:49 AM

Pardon my ignorance but, Grants?

I should throw some HERMS and RIMS in there I guess. I was going to go over these particular things but not in too much detail as I feel that they are on the more extreme side of homebrewing as they require a lot more stuff.

Im still trying to keep this simple, while presenting the most information possible.

weirdboy 12-02-2009 05:55 AM

A grant is basically a holding vessel between the lauter tun and the BK that you gravity feed into, and then pump from the grant to the BK. You would do this instead of pumping directly from the lauter tun to the BK because the flow rate when you are sparging is usually not that good and you can vapor lock the pump.

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