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Biscostew 06-22-2012 01:42 AM

Parti-Gyle Question?
I originally posted this in the general technique area but had no luck, hoping someone can help me out here with this as I plan on brewing this Sunday.

I plan on doing my first parti-gyle this weekend and have a question about the second runnings. My plan is to brew a wee heavy with an initial grain bill of about 26 lbs. Im going to be mashing with about 11.25 gal of water and according to beersmith I will be left with around 8.16 gal after the mash. I am not planning on doing a sparge.

For my second batch Im going to add about 1.75 lbs of brown malt and mash for 20 mins. My question is how much sparge water should I add to the second mash for the second beer? Should I plan for a 5 gallon batch or a full 10 gallon? Being this is my first time parti-gyle id rather air on the side of caution and not pick up a bunch of tannins in the second beer from over sparging.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated

Ply318ci 06-22-2012 03:18 AM

When i did my parti-gyle I just sparged enough to collect an equal amount to the first runnings. So if you got around 8 gallons for the first runnings Sparge till you get the same amount for the second runnings. Worked for me just my .02

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