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deadguyry 12-12-2012 04:04 PM

Over Shot my ferulic rest ????
First time on my new set up i over **** my ferulic rest can i got back down t0 110 and let it rest for 20 minutes or by over shooting it (125) is there no longer a point.

deadguyry 12-12-2012 04:06 PM

i must of misspelled shot

Rev2010 12-12-2012 05:47 PM

If you were to have adjusted it quickly with some cold water and stirring to get it back down to 110 then yeah you'd be fine. At 125 you're protein resting, which I often do as well. I did a hefeweizen recently and did the ferulic rest as well as a protein rest, bottling it this weekend. First time trying a ferulic acid rest for me.


deadguyry 12-13-2012 02:53 PM

I appreciate the response what was your recipe and let me know how it came out

Rev2010 12-13-2012 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by deadguyry (Post 4678528)
I appreciate the response what was your recipe and let me know how it came out

5.75 lb Wheat Malt, Pale (Weyermann) (1.5 SRM) Grain 63.89 %
3.00 lb Pilsner (Weyermann) (1.9 SRM) Grain 33.33 %
0.25 lb Carawheat (Weyermann) (45.0 SRM) Grain 2.78 %
0.50 oz Hallertauer [7.20 %] (60 min) Hops 13.7 IBU
1 Pkgs Weihenstephan Weizen (Wyeast Labs #3068) Yeast-Wheat

Also first time using Carawheat. I figured I'd just add a quarter pound, just to give it a little extra sweetness, just curious to see what it adds. And yeah, that Hallertauer I used was 7.2% AA, abnormally high for that hop type but I called and confirmed it was correct. I'd been holding off for some time now but figured it was time to use them.

Did a Ferulic Acid rest at 110 for 20 minutes
Did a Protein rest at 122 for 20 minutes
Mashed at 154 for 60 minutes
60 minute boil
Fermented at 68 but this time the 3068 was the most aggressive I've ever had, and I've had some aggressive ferments with it. So my temp at one point hit 70.

Since I tightened my mill gap even tighter for the wheat this time I hit my usual 81% efficiency which is what I always got for barley. I wasn't expecting that though so I came in at 1.056 so Beersmith's ABV estimate is 5.57%, which is fine, I don't care but I do usually strive for 5% even for my hefe's.


deadguyry 12-14-2012 01:01 PM

Yea thats a really high AA for Hallertau but i did read somewhere over 6 months they lose 50% of their AA Im going with Jamils Recipe right now its fermenting at 62/63 degrees im curious to see how it comes out. I built a single tier set up and the first run through was a nightmare so if this is even drinkable i will be happy. Yea I have been wanting to use carawheat tell me if it lends any difference to the beer I have used 3068 a few times with great results I did go with the WLP300 this time to see what it gives me.

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