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Redhawk96 02-23-2014 07:11 PM

New mash tun
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Hi all,
I am preparing to upgrade my mash tun from a 10 gal orange rubber made cooler with a false bottom in order to accomodate more grain/water to make bigger beers. I usually shoot for 11 gallons into my fermentors, so as I have been moving to experimenting with IIIPAs and Belgians with SG in the 1.070-1.090 range, I end up with a mash that is well below 1.25 quarts/lb., andthe mash goes right to the top of my current tun, and the result is reduced efficiency, and lower than target SG.

When I make smaller beers, SG in the 1.050 range, I end up with the proper grain/water ratio, and I hit my target SG pretty within a point or two, so I am nearly positive that a bigger mash tun that allows for the proper ratio will fix this problem on the bigger beers. I am able to hit and hold my target mash temps (149-154, style dependant), my mash pH is always 5.2-5.4, and I fly sparge with 170 water for 60-90 minutes to collect my target boil volumes, in the 13 gallon range.

I have a 64 quart cooler that would work, but have some concerns over the shape of the inside of the cooler (pic attached). It is rectangular, and there are two wheels on the outside, so there is some "floor space" in the cooler that is above the bottom of the cooler, i.e. the bottom is not flat. My plan is to use a modified SS hose for a manifold, but with this cooler, the manifold will only cover about 3/4 of the bottom of the cooler.

Any thoughts on whether this will cause any noticeable drop in efficiency compared to buying a new cooler with a completely flat bottom?

Redhawk96 03-01-2014 09:06 PM

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Just finished the build on the new mash tun and thought I would post a picture. Having access to ss fittings from work saved some money for sure. I also purchased the stainless bulk head fitting from bargainfittings.com and it worked much better than my homemade version. I will be brewing with it next Saturday!

The stainless T and elbows at the far end should help to keep the manifold weighed down in the mash.

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