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dhammers91 01-23-2013 02:41 AM

New to Brewing... Especially AG!
I just recently got into home brewing and have my first extract brew in my primary right now about ready to be racked into the secondary. I know I may be a little out of my league since I have just started, but the idea of all grain brewing is very intriguing. I guess I am just looking for basic info on how to go about mashing for the first time. I plan on doing it in a cooler that has been converted to a mash tun. I don't really know where to even begin... I guess I am curious as to how you figure out how much grain you are going to use (total as well as each individual type of grain), as well as how much water you can use. I ask the second question about the water because the biggest pot that I have only hold 3 gallons to the brim and I am wanting to make a 5 gal batch so it is possible to get it down to a more concentrated state as with an extract and then add the concentrated wort to clean boiled and cooled water? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!

TrubDog 01-23-2013 05:23 AM

John Palmers How to Brew, YouTube, search the forums on HBT. Bottom line, just go educate yourself. Don't ask the same questions that 100s of other beginners have done when the answers are on the forum 100 times over.

Research is the answer.

iaefebs 01-23-2013 05:34 AM

A 3 gallon pot is going to be a little tough to do. Off hand If I had a good heat source I would heat the first strike water to around 180 and dump into the cooler to preheat the cooler. Then I would heat the remaining strike water to 10 above mash temperature. Use around 1.25 qts of water to 1# of grain. You count the first water added and don't pour it out. When the cooler MT water is around 8-10 above your mash temp add your grain.

Trizzle 01-23-2013 07:09 AM

We were all beginners once. So the people who are jerks just let them be. Brewing is a brotherhood of real men. The ones that are jerks, screw em! Like I said we were all in ur shoes once! Here's what I think is best, get books on it and yes, read read read. Also, all grain is and can be VERY advanced. U will see this as u read... Also the way I see brewing, there's three levels, all extract, extract with specialty grains (parshal mash). And all grain. I would work your way up. If u go strait to all grain ur gunna see very expensive gear costs and get overwhelmed. If u feel u get extract, then Move to partial. It's using some grains with still having extract. YouTube helps a ton for visual as well. The books make nice reference material after u read them. Don't worry about making ur own recipes and worrying about how much of what. Use kits from ur local Brew store or the stores online then All u have to worry about is water temps and when to add hops! This is a great way until u feel u can start making ur own beer the directions are fool proof . Also, u need a bigger brew pot 2 gallons just won't do it. Ur idea of just adding water works but not 3 gals of water to 2 gallons of wort. I see that messing with ur PH among ofher things. Get a brew pot that way u can use it when u start to all grain. Something 5 gallons. Then u can boil 4 gals, and freezeq 1 gallons worth, and then use that frozen gallon to help Cool ur wort fast it works like magic!

Trizzle 01-23-2013 07:12 AM

" How To Brew" by John Palmer is my second bible!!!!!! GET IT!!!!!! NOW. DO IT. Do it now!

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