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Pumbaa 07-01-2006 01:04 AM

need more enzymes . . .
OK I want to try to make Thomas Jefferson's Dunkelhefecornweizen (July/August 2006 BYO, page 38) but I have run into a bit of a problem. I cant find any Convertase MG-300 (Gluco-amylase enzyme formula) in the local area.

The recipie is below how much 6 row do ya think would have to be added to get enuff enzymes for good conversion?

4.2lbs wheat malt
3.9lbs flaked corn
1.6lbs carawheat
2.0lbs rice hulls
1/4tsp Convertase MG-300
1.2oz Cluster hops 8.2AAU
Wyeast 1056

mash at about 152 w/ 3-4 gallons of mash water (want a mas as thin as possible)
60 minute saccharification rest
sparge at 170
boil for 90
add hops at 60

I'm at work so will try to check in again later to read replys

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