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bluenose75 02-08-2013 05:52 AM

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Originally Posted by derbycitybrewer View Post
So Uncle Sam is helping my brewery out. I've been doing steeping grains and dme kits for a while now. Started allgrain but don't have equipment large enough to do 5 gallon full boils. So I'm buying a new boil kettlw(10 gallon) mash tun(thinking 10 gallon???) barley crusher(found cheapest o. Beersmith. And some odd and end things and a few 50lb sacks of grains. My question to everyone is where do you'll find your best deals for theses things? Thanks ahead of time for all of your help. I will respond ASAP. Cheers
I can suggest getting your boil kettle and HLT from Agri-Supply. I purchased the "large set" which consists of a 10,8,7 and 6 gallon S/S pots. The two smaller ones I use for general cooking,but the 10 and 8 gallon works good for 5 gallon batches. A 10 gallon MT is nice,so that you can make your "Big" beers. Agri-Supply is also a good place to purchase burners as well. When I purchased the pot set,it was $129 for all 4,which was about a year ago. I want to say the price has gone up a little,but still a good deal. They are not thick pots,but I have managed to pump out plenty of beer in them,just as long as you are not tossing them around in your garage/shed,etc,you should be fine.Here is my configuration to give you and idea of them.My MT is a 10 gallon in the pic as well.

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