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OldManVA 10-09-2012 01:37 AM

My 1st AG Batch
So I just bottled my first all-grain batch and I'm also reading John Palmer's "How to Brew" (great read so far).

My attempt was/is a Dogfish Head 90 Minute clone (one of my fav. brews) via BeerSmith2. The taste at bottle time was inspiring. It truly had that toast-taste I was hoping for.

That said, my numbers and the color were/are way the funk off. Starting with the OG being low and the color being way too light. Don't get me wrong. At the end of the day I just want a good beer to drink! However, this was a quest; A quest to replicate (or in band-terms, to a killer cover-tune). I learned a ton and have had a ball.

Ok, here's the gist of this post; My FG was way lower than any kit I've ever brewed and much lower than the spec of this clone. My OG was 1.054 @ around 80 degrees F. The FG was 1.002!!!! @ 72 degrees F. I've never seen my hydrometer lower than around 1.010.

So I'm just getting into Palmer's read and he's getting into AG brewing. He's talking about temps (at a high-level) and how they affect the brew. He's talking about the target temps of 150-155 generally being the target. He's saying higher results in more dextrinous wort while lower temps result in more fermentable batches. Again, generalizations applied here.

So I had a newly built cooler-mash tun and had only performed a simple leak test so I really had no clue as to how much temperature I'd lose as I added my 18 lbs of grain to my ~160 degree water. I ended up steeping at around 140-142 for an hour.

So to summarize, I thin this lower temperature resulted in such a low FG number.

If I wasn't sold on AG brewing before, I certainly am now. The amount of granular control over your end product cannot be over stated.


zachattack 10-09-2012 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by OldManVA (Post 4481721)
So to summarize, I thin this lower temperature resulted in such a low FG number.

You hit the nail on the head. Make sure your thermometer's calibrated, make sure your mash tun's preheated, and make sure you're properly calculating your strike temp based on the temperature of the grains! A lot of us use software (ex. Beersmith) to help with these things. Enjoy the beer! :mug:

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