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nightstrm 05-13-2007 04:31 PM

Modifying AHS Mini-Mash Instructions
I used my first AHS mini-mash kit over the weekend and, while I followed their directions rather closely, I ended up with a slightly lower SG than I had anticipated. I'm planning on doing another one next weekend, and was hoping someone could give me some input on a couple changes I am planning on trying.

1.) Skip using grain bag. I have a couple additional stainless steel pots (8quarts) that I want to use to mash the grains (and heat up sparge water). If I do this, should I just put the grains and water (using ~1.5q per pound of grain) in a pot and bring them up to the appropriate temperature, or heat the water up and then pour the grains in?

2.) Sparge with 170F water. In their instructions, they do not mention doing this at all. My plan is to first drain the grains into my brew kettle, and then pour the sparge water over the top of them into the brew kettle as well.

3.) Full-boil instead of the partial boil they use. I've been doing full boil extracts since I started, and I tried the same method on my first attempt. Basically, I'm hoping to have the water already heating when I drain the mash and sparge into the same kettle, shooting for ~5.5 gallons total. I'll also do a late extract addition (1lb at 60 mins, the rest at 10 mins).

Does this sound like a good plan? Thanks for any advice; I'm sure my first attempt (their lemongrass wheat recipe) will turn out fine, I'm just looking for ways to further increase my utilization and efficiency.

Yooper 05-13-2007 08:26 PM

Very good plan. For the mash, heat up the water to the correct temp (maybe 5 degrees warmer) and then add your grain. Don't add the grain cold and bring up to temp. You want conversion of the grain. Your sparging plan sounds fine. And the full boil with late extract addition will be a great way to do it. Since you've already been doing full boils, you know you'll get better hops utilization and may want to reduce the bittering hops in the kit, depending on what you're making.

Overall, sounds great!

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