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ron,ar 01-30-2012 08:07 AM

mash/lauter tun screen ideas
I know this has been kicked to death but I have another idea for the screening material in a rectangular cooler. Because I like building things myself I am going to try several differnt screening media just to see how well they work. I have been reading the threads here on building your own and it is easy to see what does and what does not work.
Here are two ideas I am going to try.
1. a pvc water well screen pipe. They can be purchased in different diameters with the slots beginning as small as .02 thousands on up to 1/8 inch slots. To see a picture of the pipe screen google "pvc water well screen" under images.
2. I have a large sheet of stainless steel screen that is fairly rigid with the holes or openings approx 1/16 to 1/18 inch. I plan to build a framework for it to sit down in the cooler just above the drain valve. It is rigid enough to hold the average grainbill I think. I may also use this screen sheet in conjuction with the standard copper manifold.
I know there are other EASIER ways to to this but I enjoy the DIY part of this almost as much the actual brewing. Besides, I already have these materials on hand for free :^)

Grizzlybrew 01-30-2012 02:07 PM

There's nothing wrong at all with trying new designs - who knows?!? you could have the next blichman product rolling around your noggin. Don't sweat it being kicked to death.

As far as the SS Screen. I'm not sure how rigid it is exactly, but you could reinforce by placing small SS bolts (i.e.8/32 x 1/2") through the screen every 3" - 4" square to form a infrastructure to support the screen off the bottom of the tun. Just secure them on the underside with some SS nuts.

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