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JRPVR6 07-29-2009 03:53 AM

a little pissed....Airlock Issue
I brewed 2 batches yesterday. one Is an American Amber, one is a double IPA. I used starters for each wyeast 1272 and 1056 pack respectively. and aereate with 02...So today after work I check on them; I put a blowoff on the IPA and it was coming along nicely. Now the Amber ale had about 3/4 inch of yeast on top but the 3 piece airlock was not bubbling. I just left it thinking its probably fine....Checked it at 10 pm tonight..Same thing. I figured out the Airlock lid holes were too small and were not allowing enough airflow for the airlock to function properly. I fixed the problem, but Im wondering if this is going to have an adverse affect on my fermentation. Theres still only about 3/4 inch of krausen on top. please lemme know what you guys think.

Zen_Brew 07-29-2009 03:58 AM

No. Not gonna have an effect. There will have been a bit more co2 disolved in your wort as it fermented, but not that much. It's not like you had it in a sealed pressure chamber. Eventually the co2 would have built up and blew your airlock off, or at least the airlock lid, so that would have been an effect, but sounds like you caught it and fixed it.

ChillyP 07-29-2009 04:23 AM

Yeah, no sweat. I know peeps that open ferment without any problem.

hbomb 07-29-2009 05:14 AM

It's no big deal. You could have probably left it off all together and likely would't have a problem, since all the co2 is pushing the nasties out rather than sucking them.

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