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bd2xu 10-27-2012 03:33 PM

Irish Red Ale - Success! (so far)
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Brewed my second all grain last night, the Northern Brewer Irish Red Ale kit. According to Beersmith my measured efficiency was 73.2%, very pleased with this! Went just as planned, initial mash temp was 155, 2 degrees higher than planned but a little stirring with the lid of got it to 153 and at the end of the mash it was 152. Did a batch sparge and let it rest for 15 minutes after adding the sparge water and stirring. Filled my pot to 6 gallon mark, did the one hour boil, more gently this time, and the final volume was about 5.25 gallons. Used Immersion chiller to drop temp to 90, took about 25 mins, transferred to primary leaving just a little of the break behind. Stuck in my deep freeze ferm chamber and set air temp to 60, that was about 11 PM last night. Checked the wort temp at 9 this am and was at 68. Smacked a pack of 1272 and it expanded in about 1.5 hours, pitched.

Target OG was 1.046... nailed it!

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