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iowabrew 01-14-2013 03:01 PM

How's this look?
Last winter i brewed up Northern Brewer's Sustainor 2 Rye Maibock kit. It was delicious. Mostly 2-row with some rye, caramel wheat and chocolate rye. Lots of sterling addtions and fermented with 2124. This year i'm going to make it again, but thinking about subbing out the 2-row base with either all vienna or munich.

10lbs - Either Vienna/Munich (last year was 2-row)
2lbs - Rye Malt
1/2 lb - Caramel Wheat
1/4lb - Chocolate Rye
1/4 - CaraMunich I

How is the sub of veinna or munich going to change this beer? Obviously with that much Rye and hop additions it's a non traditional maibock, but the 2-row version was delicious, just looking for some feed back on subbing it out.

iowabrew 01-14-2013 03:06 PM

FWIW i'm leaning towards the Vienna, i recently made a Vienna lager and i love the light malty/toasty flavor is provides, just curious how it's going to play out with all that rye spice in there.

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