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old_tx_kbb 05-03-2010 02:02 PM

Hop schedule look ok ?
Does this hop schedule look OK.....I'm wanting bitterness and flavor to come through as well as the malt profile...

5.5 gallon batch Target OG 1.092 Target FG 1.018
IBU's 100 ABV 9.50% Yeast WLP001 1.5 liter starter

Grain Bill

Maris Otter 15.5 lbs
Biscuit .25 lbs
CaraPils 1.5 lbs
Crystal 40 .5 lbs
Flaked Barley .25 lbs

Hop Schedule (leaf)

Columbus 2 oz. 15.2 AA% 60 minutes
Goldings 2 oz. 4.5 AA% 30 minutes
Cascade 1 oz. 7.0 AA% 5 minutes
Cascade 1 oz. 7.0 AA% 1 minute
Columbus 1 oz. 15.2 AA% whirlpool

chefmike 05-03-2010 02:34 PM

This looks fine, though I would likely lower the 60 minute addition and put those IBUs in the cascade 5 min addition. I have been trying to keep 2/3's of my IBUs in the last half of my boil and the flavor benefits while still balancing.

My other concern is that the Goldings will get lost in the cascade columbus flavor... that will be a strong citrus punch that may overwhelm the Goldings, but there is only one way to tell!

Hmm... Maybe drop the first COlumbus down some and add a 20 or 15 minute Goldings addition.

And send me a bottle!

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