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eljefe 11-12-2009 03:53 AM

Help me see the light...
I am following the instructions for AHB Pliny the Elder - All Grain recipe. After mashing the grains, the following statement appears "Don't run off more than 6.25 gallons of wort!" I thought this made sense if the boil off volume left you with 5 gallons+ of beer. However, this proved not to be the case when I later read in the instructions "add cool water to make 5.5 gallons".

This seemingly contradiction caused me to appeal to all of you far more experienced and smarter than I am to understand why I would stop the mash run off if I am only adding water on the back end.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


oldschool 11-12-2009 06:05 AM

not really sure what you mean but i checked their ingredient list. according to the way papazian would do it: you would collect ~8.19 gallons for the boil (mash in with 1 quart/pound, lauter with 6.3 gallons and a loss of 1.26 gallons for grain absorbtion.) I think my numbers are correct. I would just forget their directions and DWRHAH.

mrtrav 11-12-2009 06:11 AM

Generally people don't have the capacity to boil over 6.25 gallons of water if making a 5 gallon batch. I see no reason why you can't boil the full amount if you don't boil over. The only reason not to is if you are hitting your target gravity at 6.25 gallons. However I don't know many home brewers who would mind having a few extra gravity points.

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