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Northcalais40 11-04-2012 10:10 PM

A good arguement for the Burton union
Last night's brew went a little over volume. My carboy was full to the throat, before I added the yeast slurry. I capped it with a stopper and blow off tube but the liquid level was right to the stopper. Perhaps a little heavy handed.

Cut to 24 hrs later and the blow off vessel, a quart jar sitting in a bucket, is a foam sculpture sitting in a deep puddle of my beer. The carboy is full to the top of course, but the liquid level is where the side meets the top at the corner. The bucket has nearly a gallon of liquid in it (maybe less, but still a shock).

I'll make a burton union system next time. The one I'm thinking of I saw in BYO's website. It allows blow off but cycles the liquid (yeasty!) back to the carboy.

Anyone made one?

diyguy 02-12-2014 10:13 PM

I made one that looks very similar to the one described in BYO article.
It was put to the test on a recent ferment last week and it did the job very well. I think i spent under twenty $$ on new materials and harvested enough that i could split it into smaller containers to use towards starters for new batches and call that the second generation collected and so on so it will pay for itself in three or four more batches of beer which each will be able to provide me with new colonies each time.:D

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