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twgardner2 05-09-2012 01:50 PM

Fixing my Vanilla Stout
So I brewed a Vanilla Stout about 9 days ago and my OG came out a little low at 1.038, with a current SG of 1.008, a little thin. I know what happened, but that isn't really my question. I want to know if anyone can think of a reason not to do the following to try to bump up my FG:

I want to boil some maltodextrin powder, cool to room temp, and add this in with my soaked vanilla beans in the secondary. Ideally, I would use some lactose, but I don't have any. I figure the maltodextrin will add some body, but shouldn't make the beer sweet, and even if it contains any fermentables, they should be taken care of in the secondary. It isn't as if I'm bottling the maltodextrin and could conceivably get bottle bombs.

Any reason not to try this?

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