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axoll 04-03-2009 03:20 AM

first time with AG......
this is how It went with my first AG. please tell me what i did good and what I did bad... I am using a 5 gallon gatorade cooler
1. I used 3.5 gal of water for 11 lbs.
2. after 1 hour I sparged with 5 gal of water @ 185. Was i supposed to stir the grains before sparging or not? cuz i didnt. I used a plastic measuring cup to pour the hot water on top of a coffee lid i put inside the cooler, there was about an inch of water on top of the grains thru out the sparge process . took me about 30 min to finish. while sparging i had the keg on top of the burner heating, not on high since I didnt want it to start boiling before I was finished sparging. after I was all finished I ended up with 6 gallons of wort in my fermenter (I only wanted 5) probably used too much sparge water? ...I tasted the last of the sparge water and I could still taste a little bit of sugar not much.
if you guys can give me some advise ....

WBC 04-03-2009 03:46 AM

You did quite well considering you were doing this on the fly.
Beersmith will calculate everything and you will not have to guess. I hope you were able to cool your wort quickly. Try to keep it fermenting in the lower end of the yeast's fermentation range for 2 weeks if possible. Lower is better for clean tasting beer. A hydrometer is needed to determine the sugar content in the wort. A brix meter works for this too but is more money.

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