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Hopittome15 01-23-2013 04:02 PM

First Lager, Rice Solids??
Hi All,
I am about to brew my first lager and the recipe that I'm using/tweaking says: Grind 8 oz. of Rice Solids, then boil for 20 minutes until soft and add to the mash. My question is, are Rice Solids the same thing as the rice I use in my kitchen? Also should the Rice Solids be added before I start the mash or during in order to raise my temp from 122 to 159?

The mash schedule they give me is as follows:

Grind then boil 8 oz. of Rice Solids for 20 minutes until soft

Then mash at 122 F for 30 minutes and then at 159 F for 60 minutes

Boil for 90 minutes

Thanks for the help as always! Cheers!

VladOfTrub 01-23-2013 11:01 PM

Rice solids are powdered. It's like DME. You'd use it like DME. The recipe is for raw rice. You'll boil up the rice with a few qts of water and dump all of it in the main mash to hit the 122 rest temp. After the rest, infuse to hit 159. You really don't need to grind it. Raw rice is very hard and crunches in the mill. Grind it if you must. Use Minute Rice, it's already gelatinized.

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