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Rev2010 10-15-2012 12:00 AM

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Originally Posted by kylevester View Post
If your pre-boil gravity was 1.070, then your post boil gravity was about 1.086. Diluting that by 1 gallon of water gives an approximate OG of 1.066.
OK, I'm still not getting this. He doesn't mention his preboil gravity and says at 4 gallons it was 1.066 but after topping off with another gallon of water it was 1.052. If I put this 4 gallon OG and grain bill into Beersmith with an 80.7% efficiency it says the OG should be 1.088. Since he got 1.066 Beersmith indicates that's a 61% efficiency. I did an English Ale yesterday with an 8.87lb grain bill with 81% efficiency. I got 1.054 at 5 gallons. If he got 1.052 OG with 5 gallons, or 1.066 at 4 gallons, how is that an 80.7% efficiency with 12lbs of grain?

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