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docbee 10-12-2006 01:53 AM

First AG in the books!!
Did my first AG today. :ban:
From start to finish it was about 5 1/2 hours but was alot of fun. Made some mistakes on calculations for strike volume/temp so i ended up with larger volume than my brew pot. Did batch sparging and my mash volume ended up larger than the sparge volume too. Live and learn.

Can someone help me with figuring out efficiency??
8 lbs marris Otter
1 lb Crystal 60L
0.5 lb Roasted Barley (sub for American Brown)
0.5 lb Chocolate (sub for Belgian Chocolate)

Wyeast Scottish Ale #1728

OG 1.052

Any help would be appreciated.


MrSaLTy 10-12-2006 02:04 AM

Depends on your final volume but I figure its about 71% at 5 gallons and about 78% at 5.5 gallons.

sonvolt 10-12-2006 02:05 AM

I've got you at 71% efficiency. Pretty damn good!

docbee 10-12-2006 02:07 AM

Final volume post boil was about 5.5 gals.

Thanks for the help and I can live with 71% :rockin:
It sure smelled good in the cooler all afternoon.

EdWort 10-12-2006 03:28 AM


Welcome the the club...The All Grain Club. No looking back now.:mug:

Mike-H 10-12-2006 04:13 AM

Cant wait to join the AG club... I want 10 gallons first!

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