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BeerCanuck 07-29-2008 02:47 AM

Dialing in maximum round cooler 5/10 gallon infusion and double sparge temps
I recently made the switch from extract to partial mash.
I have converted both the 5 and 10 gallon mash tuns using Fly Guys DIY convsions;


Taking a queue from Bobby_M regarding his single infusion double sparge technique

Calculating the maximum that the 5 and 10 gallon mashtun can do at 1.25 qts/lb using can i mash it calculator (12.5lbs for the 5 gallon and 25 lbs for the 10 gallon)

I also purchased beersmith to aid in calculating the initial infusion and double sparging temps.

I was wondering if HBT'er could chime in with the initial infusing temp and double batch sparging temps for the max ~12.5 lb / 5 gallon cooler and ~25 lb / 10 gallon cooler.


Kauai_Kahuna 07-29-2008 08:08 AM

I would say it depends totally on you grain bill.
Depending on the type of grains, and the #lbs, style of beer you will get very different answers.
Generic answer, 150F mash, 185F first infusion, 187F second. But who knows what works for. (Or what evil lurks in the hearts of men). Sorry could not help myself. :)
I do think that getting beersmith, selecting your mash equipment, doing a few test to determine your grain absorption, dead space, preheating requirements while teach you what you need to know for partial then AG.
Brewing software will help you with the math, (trust me, I know I need it.)
Once you know you efficiency, it also help greatly in adjusting recipes to fit you, but I'm on my 7th AG and still do not have consistency, but I'm still doing a 1999 because I hit >75% on my last two batches.

Choguy03 07-29-2008 12:44 PM

You should be able to use your brew software. I don't use Beersmith, I use Pro Mash but there should be a section where you can calculate you strike temp based off of the grain bill and grain temp (and even your mash tun thermal mass).

malkore 07-29-2008 10:20 PM

the more grain you use, the less dead air space at the top...the less heat lost during the mash.

as an example I lose 3 degrees when pre-heating my 5gallon cooler to 122F first.
but my 10gallon cooler loses 8 degrees during the hour mash (I just don't make big beers usually).

so I normally only use my 5gallon mash tun, often pushing it to capacity on the mash (I batch sparge with 2 sparges, equal volume)

BeerCanuck 08-02-2008 03:55 PM

Using Beersmith Strike and Infusion calculator
I was trying to adjust the mash profiles in Beersmith to match Bobby_M sparge technique and decided to try the strike and infusion calculator on a 12 lb grain bill.


The initial strike 3.75 G at 166.8F
First sparge 2.5 G at 183.7F
Second sparge 2.5 G at 169.7F

These numbers were generated using the following assumptions;

12lb*1.25qts/lb = 3.75G for initial strike volume
First running of 1.5 gallon of a total 6.5 gallon needed / 2 = 2.5 G sparges
152F target mash and 168F target sparging temp
2 degree temperature loss after each drain

Just wondering if this jives with people?


Choguy03 08-02-2008 05:22 PM

That looks very similar to what I use. Run with that and you should have good luck.

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