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texupnorth 02-24-2009 03:30 PM

Chimay Red Gravity Way off
A couple weeks ago I brewed a Chimay Red Clone using a recipe I found on a different forum.

10lb.(4.5kg) Maris Otter 2 row pale malt (winter barley)
4 oz. (133g) Belgian aromatic malt
.5 lb. (.23kg) Belgian Cara-Munich malt
1 oz. (28g) chocolale matl
1.5 lb. (.68kg) Belgian clear candi sugar
1.5 oz. (42g) Tettnanger @ 4% AA (bittering hop)
.25 oz. ( 7g) Styrian Goldings (flavor hop)
.25 oz.( 7g) German Hallertau Hernsbrucker (flavor hop)
1 tsp. Irish moss
Mash grains for 90 min. @ 150 deg.f (65.5C)
add bittering hops and candi sugar,
boil for 90 min,
add irish moss and flavoring hops last 15 min.,
cool and pitch Wyeast 1214

OG 1.068-1.071
Yield 5 gal. (18.9L)
FG 1.012-1.015
IBU 25
SRM 18-19
7.1% ABV

My initial Gravity was 1.064. A little low, but it was my first all-grain batch and I was OK with it. After 2 weeks in primary fermentation the activity in the airlock went down to nothing, and my gravity was 1.029. I went ahead and stuck in in secondary, kind of hoping that the gravity would drop to a level closer to the recipe's FG, but doubtful that it will. I tasted it while I was transferring, and it was delicious, but still a little sweet. Any suggestions?
I've noticed some people say to make a new yeast starter and re-pitch it. the only problem I have with that is my yeast was cultured from a bottle of Chimay, and I don't have any more yeast to pitch.

Edcculus 02-24-2009 03:40 PM

There is still a good bit of yeast, although you don't have the advantage of being on the yeast cake any more. What temperature is the beer? You could try moving it to a warmer location to see if fermentation will kick back up again.

Besides that, I'd say make up a small starter from another Chimay bottle and pitch it. I wouldn't go huge since it is sitting at 1.029 right now. Maybe use the Mr. Malty calculator to figure out pitching rate for a 5 gal 1.029 beer.

texupnorth 03-01-2009 07:04 PM

Right now its sitting at 70 degrees. I took another gravity yesterday (about 2 weeks after transferring) and nothing has changed.

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