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Newton 01-23-2013 01:01 AM

Busy day all-grain...success!
So I have two small kids and my wife works opposite hours lots of days, so I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do full all-grain brew days. So last month, I fit a "brew day" in on a busy day. I did a "mash in the bag" on my stovetop that produced about 6 gallons of wort. Then I carried that out to the garage, and boiled for 60 minutes with a couple hop additions. At the end of the boil, I put the lid on and just let it cool overnight...transferred to bucket, pitched the yeast and there ya go. I did all of this while doing work around the house.

Well its been about 4 weeks now, and I can say that the porter this method produced is as good as any that I've made over the last 3 years doing the traditional mashtun/boil/plater chiller method. I wouldn't probably try this on lighter more delicate beers, but for the darker ones, I'll definitely try to do this to make brews on days I normally can't.

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