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pcancila 11-14-2012 11:43 PM

Building first AG System Specs Needs Review
I am building my first all grain system or more like putting one together. I started a list of everything I believe I will need and each items cost. I want to make sure I have the system mapped out before I make any purchases. I am going with a gravity fed system with a Blichman Top Tier with a pump for transferring MLT to BK and wort to plate chiller and fermentor.

I am not sure if i have everything i need. in particular all the plumbing and valves to use the pump and plumbing for burners. If you see any missing steps i would greatly appreciate any feedback. I tried to include a screen shot of my excel file if it does not work i can send the excel file for you to review.

as always, thank you! this forum rocks!


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