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Beer-lord 08-19-2012 03:13 AM

Breakwater Pale Ale
I'm an IPA fiend but decided to scale it down and try a Dry Dock clone based on a NB recipe.
I love Chinook and I the recipe only calls for 1.7 total ounces of hops so I added the extra 1/3 of an ounce a FWH. It's dry hopped with 1/2 of Citra.
Did an all grain and Beersmith came in a 1.049 and I was at 1.056. I'm hoping I won't be too low on the hops but it is a pale ale.
We can't get any Dry Dock in my area and I've never had this and am not sure what to expect. Will an IPA guy enjoy this?

Pappers_ 08-19-2012 12:50 PM

Don't know Dry Dock, but one of the interesting things about the wide world of beer is the variety. Spread your wings - try some malt forward beers with an open and inquisitive mind - I love a good IPA but there's so much more out there!

formula2fast 08-19-2012 06:59 PM

This is a great beer. I am drinking mine right now and love it. I will brew it again. If you like IPAs or pales, you will like this beer.

Beer-lord 08-19-2012 07:22 PM

I'm definitely trying many more things besides IPA's. Beginning to enjoy stouts much more than years before and give me a good porter and I'm a happy man. But, my first love will always be hoppy IPA's.
I made a nice hefe for my wife and really enjoyed it. Did a cream ale and though it's not something I'd order at a bar, I enjoy it on a hot day and friends like it.
So far, I've stayed away from fruit beers but that's coming one day.

formula2fast, did you use your own recipe or NB's kit and was as all grain or extract?

formula2fast 08-19-2012 07:56 PM

I used NB recipe for it and did as an extract. You can look up their recipes right on their website and just get your own stuff. This was my last extract before switching to all grain. When I make it again, it will be all grain. It is a great beer but not overly hoppy if you are going for a super hoppy IPA. I would also add a bit more citra in the dry hop. I love dry hopped citra beers and this one was great, but for me could even have a bit more.

Beer-lord 08-19-2012 08:34 PM

I did use that AG recipe. Added some FWH Chinook and thought about a full oz of Citra dry hop. May just leave it a 1/2 oz this time and if I make it again, go for more. I've only used citra a bit and know that some folks aren't crazy about it. I've had citra beers and I know I like it.


Basevol 08-19-2012 08:53 PM

I've got this beer in the fermenter now, and ready to transfer and dry hop, OG was good but it seems darker then it should be. Not sure what went wrong with this but it should be lighter then this, never had that happen before. Had alot of break material as well, odd.
I'll give it a taste and measure FG for the last time.

Beer-lord 08-19-2012 11:37 PM

Mine definitely isn't dark but a nice, golden, almost copper color but, this is only 1 day into fermentation. Based on NB's site, it's not dark by any means.

Basevol 08-20-2012 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by Beer-lord (Post 4344781)
Mine definitely isn't dark but a nice, golden, almost copper color but, this is only 1 day into fermentation. Based on NB's site, it's not dark by any means.

Yea, thats what i should have had. I just let it finish out and will transfer, then do a taste test too se if i can figure it out.
Only thing I did different was to use 2 ss pads inside my hopblocker during the boil. I was trying to inprove the hopblocker, not sure how that could have an effect, but something went a miss.
My dad always said I could mess up a iron wedge.:D

Francis 08-20-2012 02:55 AM

I tried to ruin this beer (really bad efficiency due to grain crush and being a rookie) but it still turned out great - had to add a couple lbs of dme to bump up the abv. Nice hop aroma and flavor. Throw the extra .3 oz of chinook in at 5 min or flameout.

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