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SAS98M 03-21-2007 11:50 PM

B3 american brown ale
Did an AG american brown ale it'll be 2 weeks ago this Saturday,it's busy fermenting (still)on the kitchen counter-started with hydrated dry yeast(no starter)now it is slowing down. Is it recommended that this be racked to a secondary for further working,or can this be racked to a corny and carbed ? Does the same rule of thumb work here-wait for a minute between bubbles prior to priming ?
I made a AG pale ale using a recipe found here-went from the primary right into the corny,sat at room temp. for a week then into the kegerator.Chilled ovenight and tapped next pm.--this stuff is the FRIGGEN GREATEST !
I hope the brown ale turns out nearly as good. Thanks in advance. Shane

Fire_travels 03-22-2007 12:41 AM

well if you rack to you corny...( I have not done it) but that is like raking to a secondary! I have not heard of the min. thing! I only bottle so I have cometo the understanding that if I wait I week in the Prim.... then a few in the Second... bottle for a few more you will be OK.

I have not kegged but I am pritty sure that force carb.....does not = coditioning!

let it sit a bit...my brew have been better from Letting them be!

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