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mj5432 12-04-2012 10:27 AM

Adding some winter spices to a double IPA - suggestions?
Hi all,

I am thinking of splitting a batch of citra double IPA that has just finished primary, and putting some of it in secondary with some winter spices to make a spiced IPA. I have been following this recipe:


and am just about to transfer to secondary and start dry-hopping. Would it be possible to split off some of the batch and "dry-hop" with some spices, so that I could give some away as a winter ale? If so, what would be a good choice and amount of spices? and should I use them as well as, or instead of, the dry hops from the recipe?

I don't want to overwhelm the flavours of the original recipe (it smells amazing right now), just add enough of a hint of spice that I can bottle it up with some nice labels and give it to some folks for xmas as a "winter spiced double IPA" -type thing.

bobbrews 12-04-2012 02:15 PM

First, the instructions say to start dryhopping at about 10 days after the wort is made. For a 1.073 OG IIPA, I would advise waiting to let it condition for another 7-10 days before dryhopping. This will help to eliminate the off flavors expelled by the yeast in addition to rounder out the flavor. In the end, you'll have a smoother, less harsh beer.

Second, I don't think Winter Spices would mesh well at all for a dry American IIPA with a citrus and tropical fruit focus. Kinda like adding Ketchup to Lemonade IMO. You have a great recipe there. Drink it and enjoy it... don't muddle it up.

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