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evanmars 03-04-2007 12:17 PM

1st AG - Fat Tire Clone
Went up to Schenectady yesterday, so I thought I'd stop by Hennessy on my way home. Found the recipe for Fat Tire Ale here so I thought I'd go with that. Forgot to write down the ingredients, so I looked up the recipe in "Clone Brews" at the store.

Was going to start on it this morning, but I realized I didn't have my propane tank. Just moved and the moving company couldn't transport the tank.

I am going to use a 48 quart cooler for my MLT and still need to get the fittings and stainless braid.

Have been doing extracts with a 3 gallon boil for 5 gallon batches. Needless to say my pot isn't big enough to do a full boil. I have three half-barrel kegs but none of them are ready, I've got the top off of one. I have some copper tubing that I can use for a siphon, so won't be too much of a problem to get water from the HLT to the MLT.

I could do the same for the keggle, but I don't think the immersion chiller I built will go deep enough for that and I think the garden hose may be frozen to the ground.

I think I may have jumped the gun on getting the ingredients. But at least I'll have everything here when I finally do get the equipment ready. I may even finish the kegs and get/make a hop stopper.

My first AG was going to be a 10 gallon Irish Red split with another HBT member, but I think he is too busy post whoring...:p

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