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Yooper 03-15-2011 12:27 AM

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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
My whole venture into electric started with my wife insisting that I get a pump because she didn't like me up on a ladder with a pot full of sparge water ready to dump into the MLT.

After I had the pump, and already had a copper coil... my mind started to wander towards HERMS.
Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
Look at it this way. A $120 pump at minimum would move your entire operation down by at least 20" and you wouldn't have to get on a step stool to stir your mash.
Like Walker, the reason I even started thinking of an electric system at all was because pouring boiling water, lifting heavy MLTs full of grain, etc, was a drag. I needed a pump. They're not a pain at all!

And like Bobby said, if you don't have to be on a step stool to stir your mash, that's a bonus. I'm short, so I still stand on a stool to mash in but then don't have to ever get up on a step again during the brewday. I have one pump, and gravity drain to the BK. With one pump, you can run a HERMS and also pump through a CFC. My system is two tier.

My system is ugly- the stand is just some metal shelving. But it's efficient, no heavy lifting at all, and super easy to clean.

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