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brewingbarrister 08-18-2012 01:52 PM

Using washed yeast to prime belgian dark strong kosher?
Hey guys,

I have some washed yeast I saved from my Belgian dark strong that I was going to pitch at bottling to help carb the bottles since it has been in secondary for so long and then I cold conditioned it. Do you think the washed yeast will be enough? I was contemplating a starter but I worry about off flavors from so much yeast in the bottles.

Cheers for any help!

CastleHollow 08-18-2012 01:56 PM

Not sure about washed yeast, but I've used a 3-4g of dry Nottingham at bottling time in lagers and it works well--doesn't impact the flavor at all, possibly because the amount is so slight.

brewingbarrister 08-18-2012 02:20 PM

Thanks. That's an idea. I just liked the idea of using the same yeast from fermentation. I know it won't really impact flavor. I'm just trying to avoid shelling out 7 bucks for another vial of yeast. I'm thinking I may wing it with the washed yeast unless someone else thinks its a bad idea. Thanks for the input!

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