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Harrisonhud 09-18-2012 11:31 PM

Temperature controller recommendation please ...
Howdy folks,

I'm getting my keezer setup together, and looking for advice on a temp controller. I'd prefer a cheaper option, but not at the expense of function ability ... Any advice on what to go with?

theonetrueruss 09-19-2012 03:52 AM

IMO -if you are just using it for a keezer the analog controllers work fine but if you are going to control fermentation in it you want to have more precise control you can get with a digital controller.

jeepinjeepin 09-19-2012 04:02 AM

Will it be inside? If so, a single stage controller will do.
If it is out in a garage that will get colder than desired you will need a dual stage to also turn a heat source on.
If it's a kegerator only and the temperature will be steadyonce set an analog and an accurate thermometer will do.
If the temperature will be changed even every now and again a digital controller is worth it's weight in gold(almost).
Are you willing to build something or need it to go right out of the box?

I am a fan of the STC-1000 that is the subject of several threads here. It is a digital, dual stage aquarium controller often sold on eBay. It is a module that requires some wiring to have a functioning controller. I have 3 now. I don't have any experience with any other controllers but I don't see myself wanting anymore than the STC-1000 delivers.

TopherM 09-19-2012 06:49 PM

I got my Johnson A419 for $53ish shipped. I think it is the best bang for the buck in the digital world. If you plan on fermenting in this keezer, go digital.

Do you plan on just using the keezer to store and serve kegs? If yes, you may not need a thermostat at all. Most mechanical thermostats that come with these freezer have a screw you can turn to change the temp range of the unit, basically changing it from a freezer to a fridge. If you are comfortable getting to the internal thermostat, you can likely just adjust the thermostat it already has. Again, this only works if you intend to keep the temp of the unit constant for storage and serving.

Harrisonhud 09-20-2012 01:56 AM

Thanks to you all!

I only plan to use this freezer for storage and serving, so I may try adjusting the internal thermostat before buying an external controller.

Homercidal 09-20-2012 03:25 PM

I'm a fan of the STC-1000. The only downside IMO is that they only read in Celsius.

I have a Johnson Controls digital for comparison, and although it reads F, if you want to change cut-off mode, or cool/heat modes, you have to open it up and move a jumper. To me that is seriously awful in today's world. But they are more industrial and work well.

The STC-1000 is like $20 on ebay and the Johnson is usually going for over $60.

The Johnson mounts on the outside of the unit, while the STC-1000 can be mounted inside the unit with just the display showing. A more elegant-looking solution IMO.

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