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dabokey 09-07-2012 05:24 PM

Requesting help identifying equipment
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I'm in the process of converting my spare refrigerator into a kegerator with four taps. Ideally, I'd like to match up the equipment I've just purchased.

I recently bought some used beer tap equipment for $70:

3 pieces of 6 foot 'keg to shank' beer line
3 pieces of 4.5" beer shanks
2 pieces of beer faucet with handles.

Can somebody please help me to identify the brand and/or model of the equipment in the attached photo so that I can purchase additional matching pieces to complete the four tap setup.

Thank you,


Dan 09-07-2012 05:35 PM

Congrats on the find that's a pretty fair price. Are there plastic nuts on the back of the shanks? Maybe they are hidden by the picture but you'll need them for sure. The faucets look like the basic basic chrome plated type. Don't know the brand of any of this stuff but it doesn't matter a whole lot. As far as I know the sizes are all standardized. Perlick faucets are highly acclaimed because they don't stick but they are also higher priced.

For a four tap setup looks like all you need now is another (black) beer out QD the tubing and 4 grey (gas) QDs and associated air line. Of course if you don't already have it you'll need a tank, regulator and 4 way CO2 manifold. An easy way to get exactly what you need is to email this picture to KegConnection and ask the same question. They'll set you up with exactly what you need. Very helpful place and quality products.

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