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kman42 12-07-2009 03:26 AM

Quick disconnect problem
My CO2 inlet quick disconnect seems to be leaking. The keg is airtight when it is detached and I can press it down and wiggle it to stop the leak. I changed and lubed the O-ring, which helped for about 24 hours, but it is doing the same thing again. I noticed that there is a slot on the top of the disconnect. Is this a screw? Does it do anything useful, like tighten the connection? I can't really see how, but it seems awfully conspicuous to do nothing at all. Do I just need a new disconnect?

I am working with a pin-lock system.


david_42 12-07-2009 01:39 PM

There is a small chance that there's a bit of gunk in the connector. The slot is for dismantling the connector. It should be a little more than finger-tight. If that doesn't do the trick, I'd replace the connector.

kman42 12-07-2009 04:50 PM

I'll take it apart tonight. It seems to me that it is a bit loose when connected since I can push it down and wiggle it and this leads me to believe that it is leaking at the o-ring or where the nipple contacts the poppet, rather than inside the connector. Any other suggestions or experiences would be appreciated.


malkore 12-07-2009 09:25 PM

make sure its not leaking where the disconnect attaches to the gas/tap line.

I've had a leak like that before, first on a gas line only when a little lateral pressure was applied to the gas line, and another time on a beer line right at the end of the keg (so I only lost a pint before it went dry)

jmkratt 03-18-2011 08:02 PM

I am having a similar problem. Drained 2 cylinders of beer gas! It must be a slow leak. I took the cylinder and the regulator to the beer supply store and they verified it held pressure and determined it must be a problem with the post or the disconnect.

I replaced the disconnect and the o-ring on the gas post. However, the quick disconnect doesn't appear tight as I can attach it just fine but after it's on, I can depress it even further. It doesn't seem to wiggle but I can push on it. My other 4 kegs don't have this problem.

Before I waste another cylinder of beer gas can anyone think of anything I can do!? Ball Locks by the way.

Flomaster 03-18-2011 08:31 PM

Is there a chance that you have the beer out post end the gas post switched on the keg?

-= Jason =-

jmkratt 03-18-2011 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Flomaster (Post 2750230)
Is there a chance that you have the beer out post end the gas post switched on the keg?

-= Jason =-

No I double checked to verify. It's the correct post and I've used this kegs many times before.

Koz 04-05-2011 07:15 PM

I am having this problem with just one CO2 Quick Disconnect (ball lock). I have tried the same QD on four kegs and it leaks on all of them. I have also tried other QD's on these same 4 kegs with no leaks, which leads me to believe it is the QD. It is a brand new QD.

Am I missing something??

jmkratt 04-05-2011 08:38 PM

Have you tried taking the disconnect apart, cleaning, and reassembling?

My issue was resolved with a new poppet, new quick disconnect, and a new post. Luckily I had all but the poppet and that was cheap.

Good luck!

meadowstream 04-05-2011 09:15 PM

Guess: new o ring will take care of it

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