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billym99 12-28-2012 06:29 PM

Question about CO2 leak
Hey guys,

I've developed a leak in my keg system. I'm 99.9% sure my kegs are not leaking, one is a commercial the other is a homebrew Cornelius. To verify, I put both kegs to 20lbs, closed both shutoff valves on the regulator and three days later went back and checked. Both kegs were still at pressure, however the gauges on my regulator (dual body) both read zero. Is my regulator faulty (I'm assuming)? I've burned through two 5lb tanks in the past several weeks, at this point I'm leaving the tank valve off unless I'm filling a pint. Also, I've changed both gas lines... I just moved and thought one could have been damaged in the move. Finally, I'm very sure the reg is correctly and securely attached to the tank (and I was leaving the tank valve wide open previously, not half open) and I do have the gasket thing that comes with the tanks correctly installed in-between the reg and tank. Last bit of info is that the leak is slow, takes around 7-10 days to drain the tank if I leave it on.

From where I stand it seems to me the regulator is acting up but wanted some other opinions incase I'm missing something.


CaveBrewing 12-28-2012 09:46 PM

You might need a new regulator. You could unscrew everthing from the regulator and put it back together snug with pipe tape. Make sure all of the hoses are on tight as well. If you have a manifold same thing take it apart and re tape tighten everything. You could try spraying a soap solution on it to see if you can see any bubbles a lot of time the leak is so slow it is hard to detect.

beaksnbeer 12-28-2012 09:53 PM

Disconnect kegs and take the pressure up to around 30psi and start spraying star-san or dish soap and water

Gear101 12-28-2012 09:55 PM

Check it in stages, turn regs on then turn tank off, wait see if they leak, then next stage, etc etc. You'll find it.

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