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KuntzBrewing 08-28-2011 07:09 AM

pasturizing home brew?
Does anyone pasturize their beer once carbonation has siezed? I thought about it just to kill the remaining yeast and allow for elongating storage by a few weeks

beaksnbeer 08-28-2011 02:52 PM

I have several beers that bottled or kegged last over a year, some bottles 3-5 years saving several bottles from different types of beer for my 50th maybe it will help dealing with that....lol......As long as the beer is kept out of the sun and heat should last quite awhile higher gravity beers and hoppier beers will keep longer though the hops tend to fade over time. You said you are looking for a few weeks not a problem with a living homebrew..........my...02

mrk305 08-28-2011 06:17 PM

I bottle a few every time I fill a keg. I have been drinking some bottles from a couple years ago. I usually only drink the bottled beer on camping trips or road trips, but I thought some were getting too old and I should drink them. Darn fine beers with a thick creamy head. The fun thing is that I don't know what is in the bottle. They are only labeled with the bottling date. I have some Apfelwein from 2007.

They don't go bad, so you shouldn't need to pasturize. That is why the ancient armys traveled with beer. The sailors had their beer and grog. It helps ugly people get laid and helps white people dance and sing kereoke.

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