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kaju 04-11-2011 03:55 PM

newbie kegerator issues
I built my own kegerator. bought my regulator from a reputable dealer. I bought some five gal Corney kegs.

first issue is leaking from the pop off valve on the Corney keg. C02 is leaking from the pull ring. I can put my finger on it and press it at that point is stops leaking. I walk away and come back in about ten minutes it is leaking again. any replies will be helpful.

the regulator has two issues -
a. after it has been used twice, it is less than a year old the pressure gauges are warped and do not read correctly. I cannot tell how much pressure I am putting into my kegs. The keg side is pegged even though It has no pressure on it. I can turn the pressure up or down but still shows off the scale. the pressure has never been above 12 lbs. the high pressure side I think is working properly but the metal plate inside is warped so you cannot see the correct amount of gas.

b. the pop off valve on the regulator leaks the same way the corny keg leaks. I can put my finger on it and puts it in and it will stop leaking. come back in a few minuets and it will be leaking.

any help will be grateful :D

SD-SLIM 04-11-2011 04:06 PM

Here is a link to troubleshoot and fix issues with your kegs:

In regards to your regulator, I would replace it, it's an important part of dispensing your beer and or will be needed should you force carbonate...harbor freight sells some cheap ones that will get the job done.

Kaz 04-11-2011 04:07 PM

One thing comes to mind when I read this...your keg side gauge is pegged and the pressure relief valve is letting off gas on both the regulator and on the keg...maybe the gauge isn't broken and your regulator is letting too much pressure through. You can replace the relief valve on the keg, or try removing it and giving it a good cleaning. It sounds like the regulator should be replaced as well.

kaju 04-11-2011 04:56 PM

thank you for the quick replies.
My question now is - are regulators that fragile? This is my second regulator. I still have the old one. the gauges have the same problem. On the old one the metal inside the gauge warped like the new one but on the old one it warped in the other direction and blocks the needle from moving or showing the correct pressure. What causes this so I can prevent it in the future. I believe both regulators are good just something wrong with the gauges and what ever is causing them to warp. I can regulate the pressure up and down and I can hear the gas as I turn up or down the pressure. The pressure relieve valve may need to be replaced on the new one. I Think it may be just coincidence that the pressure relieve valve on both the keg and regulator are leaking at this time.

Kaz 04-11-2011 06:25 PM

Hmmm....where did you get them? Maybe I'd source a new supply for regulators. I have a dual body from Kegconnection.com and it works fine but is only 4 months old. I've heard good things about the Taprite brand.

SD-SLIM 04-11-2011 07:45 PM

I agree with Kaz...I purchased mine from Kegconnection and haven't had an issue with mine in 2 years.

Schnitzengiggle 04-11-2011 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by Kaz (Post 2827698)
Hmmm....where did you get them? Maybe I'd source a new supply for regulators. I have a dual body from Kegconnection.com and it works fine but is only 4 months old. I've heard good things about the Taprite brand.

Spend the extra money and get a Taprite, I have the dual body regulator, and couldn't be happier, no screwdriver needed to adjust pressures, and it is accurate and reliable.

A fellow brewer upgraded his single crap regulatot to a Taprite because he was tired of guessing how much pressure he was carbonating his beers at.

+1 for kegConnection, their customer service is excellent, when I ordered my kegging equipment I received damaged guages, they were all bent to hell, they replaced them no questions asked!

kaju 04-12-2011 03:26 PM

thanks for the feed back. I did buy one of my regulators from keg connection. the newer one came from them. It still has the tag on it. I guess I will buy another. I really do not think there is anything wrong with the regulators them selves. It is the gauges that are the problem. I repaired the pressure relief valve on the one that was giving me the problem (the newer one from keg connection). Thanks to the link provided that referred to the Corney kegs. I just took it off and when doing so I realized it was loose. After taking it off I cleaned and oiled it and put it back on and it is working correctly now. I can just replace the gauges on the regulators but What I don't understand is why the metal facing is warping. This is the problem with both regulators. Also why is the guage not reading right? I did not do anything to cause it. I just looked at it after sitting up for a while and seen it was warped and after hooking it up it did not read correctly. It was working perfectly when I unhooked it. Oh well some things are just a mystery.

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