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bd2xu 11-28-2012 02:25 AM

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Originally Posted by stratslinger

I think a couple people are missing something crucial here, or at least if someone's pointed it out, I've missed it...

I'm sorry to be the one to point this out to you, but you're going to have an over carb'ed beer on your hands. Best bet will be to let it ride (the larger volume of the keg should take a little longer to condition than the smaller volume of a 12oz bottle), but start hitting that relief valve a bit NOW to release some of the excess CO2.

According to my handy-dandy Beersmith Lite app, for 2.4 volumes of CO2, you should have used 2.13oz of sugar to prime that keg at 72 degrees. Playing with it a little more, it looks like 4oz should produce about 3.8 volumes of CO2.

Certainly not the end of the world - if you hit that release valve a few times and vent the gas as it builds up, more of the CO2 will come out of solution, and you'll eventually get back down to an appropriate level of carbonation. It just might take a little time and experimentation.
I have beersmith too and should have checked this, didn't think to. Was just going by what my neighbor does, he doesn't change priming method at all between bottling and kegging. I also read a few threads on this forum that said they use the same amount of priming sugar but most say less is needed.

I tried mine tonight. It is still at about 68 degrees in the basement. I vented all the gas off with the pressure valve, then hooked up the co2 and set to about 5. Poured about a pint in a pitcher, lots of foam but very little sediment. I then poured a pint. Nice thick head, beautiful clear color and amazing smell. VERY close to SW IPA. I cooled it to about 55 and it tasted good, still a tad green but has only been in the keg for 16 days. It had decent bubbles after the head dissipated but it still tasted a little flat, could use a little more co2. I stuck it in my Keezer, put the co2 on it at 10 psi and set the temp for 45. Will revisit it on Friday and hope it's AWESOME for the SEC champ game Saturday. GO DAWGS!

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