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MGR72 10-03-2008 09:45 PM

Neoprene Washer
Hey there. I'm putting together my Kegging system in a refrigerator finally. I got 1/4 ss shanks from Micromatic along with some Perlick faucets from Superior Products.... I'm very excited to have it all set up to say the least. When ordering from Micromatic I got the neoprene washers that it says are required with the shank and nipple assembly. Problem is, I can't figure out where they go in the system..... it seems like it would go between the nipple and shank in order to seal that connection when it is tightened down with the nut but it doesn't really fit very well. Anyone got some ideas? Thanks in advance.

chillHayze 10-03-2008 10:31 PM

That connection should seal on the flats, where the washer goes, so you are correct. If it is tight you can trim it, but if too small then you need to have them send you one that fits!

MGR72 10-03-2008 11:16 PM

Well, just put it together and made it fit.... for anyones future reference in order it was assembled beerline--nipple--nut--washer--shank--faucet. No beer to pour yet but water pushes out of the keg just fine!

And on an unrelated note, thank you all, I have been lurking on these boards mostly but have been soaking up so much information.... I'm excited to get this kegging system all set up so its easier to brew more and more!

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