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phredrixxx 02-19-2012 04:36 PM

Kenmore 461.98475 for Kegerator?
Found a post on CL for a Kenmore 461.98475. I can't find any good information at all, but supposedly it is 4.6 cu. ft. and outside dimensions measuring 33" high x 20.5" wide x 21" deep.
Does anyone know anything about this mini fridge and/or will it fit two pin lock kegs and a 5# CO2 tank?


BlackVelvetBand 03-26-2012 02:13 AM

A bit late to reply, but in the hopes that someone else stumbles across this thread someday, I'll just say that I got the Kenmore 461.98475 on CL today for $50, with the blind hope that it'd work.

I'd checked a few other projects that made due with a 4.4 (or less!) cu. ft. mini fridge (the 98475 is actually 4.4cf, not 4.6, so I dunno if the CL ad you saw was misleading or what, but everything I've seen says 4.4), so I went for it.

In any case, it worked beautifully. I've only the 1 corny keg for now (clearance needed about 26" x 8.5" or so). But it sounds like others were successful with two plus the CO2.

The trickiest part was bending the freezer cooling shelf without kinking the line (that's the only cooling element in it, so it's important not to break it). Removing the door shelves was just a matter of a few dozen screws.

Didn't even need to cut into the plastic for this one.

So, to answer your question (though I doubt it still matters), yes, for me, the Kenmore 461.98475 was a viable option for a mini fridge kegerator.


jakesnake84 01-26-2013 03:14 PM

Any advice on "bending the freezer cooling shelf without kinking the line" or breaking it? It seems like I'd have to cut the plastic to do this carefully. But if it was easy to do without cutting the plastic I might just cross my fingers bend the thing.


BlackVelvetBand 01-27-2013 03:51 AM

From what I recall, there were a few screws holding the shelf in position - a couple on either side. Once those were gone, I slowly - and with the right amount of trepidation - bent the tray downwards until it was parallel with the back wall and out of the way. One obvious thing was that this would be way easier to do with the fridge unplugged and warmed up (to room temp at least), rather than it having on and the line being frigid.

But yeah, that's all I had to do anyway.

jakesnake84 01-28-2013 01:00 AM

OK, thanks so much, BlackVelvetBand!

I had the fridge at room temp, and it worked without a problem (unless I'm currently inhaling refrigerant and don't realize). You're right there are a few screws holding it and then it just bends easily. I did have to take the thermostat off in order to have enough clearance to bend it down.

In order to fit two ball-lock corny kegs, I ended up re-installing the thermostat further toward the front of the fridge and removing the can-holder/shelves on the front door. Works great though! Thanks again!


ekjohns 02-13-2013 09:58 PM

any luck getting 2 kegs in there. I have not been able to find anyone saying for sure it will hold 2

jakesnake84 02-14-2013 02:45 PM

Yes, 2 ball-lock can fit, but it's tight. Since pin-lock are wider, I really doubt that two would fit, but I don't own any pin-lock so I haven't tried.

To get two ball-lock kegs to fit, I had to move the thermostat dial to the front so the keg on the right could fit behind it. Also, I had to remove the can dispenser and shelf from the door. Not too difficult, especially if you just leave the door insulation foam exposed like I did. If you need the inside to look more professional, you can buy a sheet of plastic, but it was too expensive/not worth it for me since it is on the inside and no one will see it.

Side note: I removed the plastic completely from the door and then replaced the rubber seal. The door seems to seal fine still, but it would have been ideal to either replace the original plastic with a flat sheet of plastic or cut the original plastic dispenser to leave the frame around the outside. This would hold the rubber seal in place to make sure the fridge seals how the manufacturer intended. Removing the plastic completely hasn't caused me any (known) problems yet, but I added a latch to the outside, just to be safe, so the door is held tightly shut.

Good Luck!


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