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Mr_Turtlehead 01-12-2006 11:56 PM

Kegging VS Bottling
I just bottled my very first brew today and can see where there would be some major advantages of kegging :eek:

Just curious...how many of you bottle your home brew versus kegging?

david_42 01-12-2006 11:59 PM

I only bottle for gifting and transportation.

Truble 01-13-2006 12:00 AM

I have only been brewing for a couple months, and as such, am limited to bottling right now. I have, however, set 2 goals for my brew skills for 2006: to move to AG, and to move to KEG.

ajf 01-13-2006 12:22 AM

I bottle heavy ales and wines that take a long time to mature. I bottle for gifts. I bottle a couple of bottles for each keg, and use the bottles for side to side comparisons. I bottle if both kegs are in use. I keg about 80% of what I brew.


Passload 01-13-2006 12:29 AM

I just started brewing so I only bottle for now. I plan to maybe start kegging in a year or so $ ya know.

DeRoux's Broux 01-13-2006 12:40 AM

keg. ease of cleaning/sanitizing one large bottle over cleaning/sanitizing 50 bottles. i can enjoy by brew sooner than waiting for bottle carbonating.

Dude 01-13-2006 12:42 AM

Keg. I enjoy the ease of cleaning and being able to have my own beers on draught whenever I want them.
Nothing like coming home from a long day and pouring a pint of smoked porter or Lake Walk Pale Ale. :D

Sir Sudster 01-13-2006 12:58 AM

Keg it. Up to 15 gal batches now... Can't see any other way .....especially when I'm drinkin it.:D

DeRoux's Broux 01-13-2006 01:01 AM

glad to see ya back Sudster......

Brewiz 01-13-2006 01:06 AM

Kegging is the only way to go, right now I am trying to figure out how to get 2 2.5 kegs on my bike to take down to Daytona bike week. Good part is I have 6 weeks to find a way.

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