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SteveHeff 12-05-2012 11:09 PM

Kegging cost?
Here's the short and skinny: approximately how much should I look at investing into a kegging system? Exclude the fridge, I have a spare. I'm needing 2-4 kegs, all the plumbing and any other associated "stuff". I would like to do it the right way but I don't object to buying pieces one at a time in order to spread out the cost. Thanks in advance.

erikpete18 12-05-2012 11:24 PM

A quick look at Kegconnection (great place to buy keg stuff) for a bare bones setup puts a 4 keg system at a little under $400. That's with the 4-keg basic kit with picnic taps, 4 pin lock kegs, and a 5 lb CO2 tank. If you want to move up to fixed taps rather than picnic taps, you'll need an additional 4 shanks and faucets. Cheap standard faucets run about $15, while Perlick faucets run $40 for SS and $23 for chrome (highly recommend the Perlicks, whether you go SS or chrome). Shanks run another $13-20 a piece depending on chrome or stainless and the length. The kit I linked to before runs all 4 kegs at the same psi, so if you want different carb levels you'll have to upgrade the regulator, and might want to get a bigger CO2 tank depending on how close and cheap the co2 refill places around you are.

Edit: Forgot, these are for pin-lock kegs, which are a little shorter and fatter (but ~$10-20 cheaper) than ball-lock kegs. Double check your fridge space before getting them to make sure they'll fit.

SteveHeff 12-06-2012 02:03 AM


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