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ScoutMan 02-24-2007 09:51 PM

Kegging and Consumption.
Anybody else notice that their consumption of homebrew has increased signifigantly since you started kegging??? Last week I kegged up a nice APA, put it on the gas and went away to work for the week. Got home late thursday night, had a few to celebrate the end of the week and went to bed. Here it is Saturday afternoon and the keg is about 3/4 gone. Granted, I gave a couple of growlers away to my brother in law and his buddies, but the rest is mine. Tell me I have not entered into a relentless cycle of brewing every weekend just so that production is equal to consumtion:cross:

Orfy 02-24-2007 09:55 PM

It may settle a bit but the answer is Yes.

david_42 02-24-2007 11:47 PM

Not really, although I suspect it would have if I'd started at 28 instead of 48.

gnef 02-25-2007 05:21 AM

haha. i find that kegging actually reduced my consumption.

many times, i just want to see how the beers have aged, so i just get a little bit of each. can you imagine what would happen if i were to get a bottle of each of the beers i have in kegs? (that wouldn't happen though since i hate bottling that much... haha. if i hadn't gone to kegging, i may well have stopped brewing a long time ago...)

Fingers 02-25-2007 06:01 AM

Now, I'm new at this, but I was under the impression that you get 66 beer from one batch. Of course that's the claim on the kits they sell so let's reduce that by 10 %. Let's call it 59 beer. Three quarters of 59 is 44 beer. Seven days in a week, that's six beer a day. Every day. Maybe an extra one on Saturday and Sunday.

I wanna drink with YOU!

gnef 02-25-2007 06:08 AM

generally you get around 50 x 12 oz beers from a 5 gallon batch. i usually get less due to boil off and leaving beer behind when racking, etc.

sometimes my beers stay for half a year on tap. i try to have potlucks and people over to help me with consumption. if you're even in austin, just let me know...

Fingers 02-25-2007 04:38 PM

I take that back, ScoutMan. I wanna drink with gnef!

sirsloop 02-25-2007 04:48 PM


Unless you are alcoholic, I can't really see why a keg would increase your consumption. Granted its real easy to just grab a glass and pour, its equally as easy to open the fridge and crack open a bottle. If you really need to drink that much, its even easier to stop at the booze shop on the way home and grab a 6 pack :)

Orfy 02-25-2007 04:55 PM

Alcoholics have a problem with beer, I just have a problem with no beer.
I'm a practicing alcoholic.

sirsloop 02-25-2007 04:56 PM

well at least you go the first step down :)

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